Ignacio Salcedo

Web Consultant and Developer

1987-10-20 Ignacio Salcedo Venezuela


Phone: +58 - 4145935824

Skype: isalcedo.com

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I was born in Valencia, Venezuela in 1987. Since my 18 years old, i was already self-employed practicing web development, everybody was using full adobe flash websites those days. Today i keep doing those that i love and i learn more each day about the web. Has been more than 8 years of experience, knowing the internet from inside.

Since I've felt interest for the business, i've been self-employed. I've developed knowledge by my own rhythm (some times very fast rhythm) and i've read many (+10) books about bussiness inteligence, marketing, market studies, web development, linux, classic fantasy, Charles Bukowski, Robert Kiyosaky, Donald Trump, Daniel Defoe, Charles Baudelaire, Poe and Tolkien.

Now i'm married, with a beautiful daughter called Sophia and a son who have my own name, Ignacio. I consider the capitalism like the ideal economic system. In politics i'm Classical Liberal, i'm Catholic, aditionaly i support to digital media department in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Valencia here in Venezuela.

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why Joomla

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There are many reasons because i prefer Joomla for work, however, i will emphasize some of they:

  • Overriding: The capacity to adapt whatever component or module as being necesary for acomplish any purpose in the web site.
  • Modules and Components: Joomla has a large directory of components and modules to do everything, if we think well the project and adapt well the code, we may supplement any web site with some of this tools without that affect negatively the performance of the web page.
  • Security: Joomla is constantly updated and are frequent the updates that provide better security to the system, this makes it a less vulnerably CSM than the others.
  • Lightweight: Joomla is so much lightweight, i had run simultaneously up to four full Joomla Web Sites in a VPS with 512Mg RAM, including modules and extreme adaptations, without problems.

For this reasons, including other less important, i always prefer use Joomla as CMS.

More information: http://www.joomla.org/

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why Foundation

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As themselves said, foundation is "The most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world", some years ago i worked for a Venezuelan designer, Vanessa Colina (http://vanessacolina.com/), and she was using Foundation in her designs, so i started to use it and i got used to it.

However with the time i had understood the important that foundation have and why i like it more than the others:

  • Simple and Effective: Was not difficult learn how to use it and the solutions that it offer are wonderfully effective.
  • Modern: Foundation is constantly updated, it never is obsolete, despite this, each improvement that receives, does not more difficult, is easy to learn its changes.
  • Complete: Foundation bring with it a large set of Front-End tools, the necessaries to reach big things without go too far.

More information: http://foundation.zurb.com/

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